Angry Zombies

Different challenges constantly make you have to create ways to win with the highest score when participating in the game Angry Zombies. The appearance of zombies does not make you scared. They will stand in fixed positions and the player's task is to hit zombies to finish each level. A10games games for free is the land of new journeys that players can fully join the theme game at any time.

You will find this game similar to the angry birds game. However, the challenges or the appearance of zombies in different locations will make you stronger. Gaming tips are used flexibly for each player on this unique journey. If you've never crossed hills full of zombies, you totally can practice in this new battle that we've introduced to players. Start with easy levels, then move on to difficult levels.

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Each player has their way of playing to overcome the toughest challenges in any game. Align your speed and movement angle to kill zombies. The number of shots will have a certain limit. They will not be able to eat you. Do not be afraid. You can become stronger anytime with our unique journey today. New games are constantly being updated in your favorite games list and you have to name them as Lucky Looter and Killer City.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to control shooting direction Defeat and defeat all zombies in different locations