Attacking The Space Base

If you have heard of Thunder Aircraft, the new choice Attacking The Space Base will seem to be familiar. This new a10 shooting game is another art style aircraft game that has the inspiration from the original Thunder Aircraft. This game selection also has a simple and classic style of graphics that can be found in the old arcade games. You will control your own spaceship and move from the right to left and vice versa.

In order to pass all comets and space ships, move smartly. However, there will be some food falling down so make sure to pick them up. Some other spaceships will even shoot at you. Can you get to the safe space base at The players will be under attack anytime due to the comet shower. There are six lives for you on each turn. If you fail the seventh time, the game is over.

Besides dodging the bullets, remember that you can shoot your enemies to clear up the path to the base! The longer you play, the higher the speed will be. Don't panic if there is a new object aiming at you! It's all about swift movements and reflex to conquer the battle in space. Take advantage of all other factors that you can gather to win. Many kids of all ages have had so much fun while flying through the space here. Some other choices that can also be enjoyable are Road Racer and Bus Parking Simulator.

Instruction to play:

Use arrow keys to play and the space bar to shoot.