Big City Taxi Sim

What fighting and action games are making you feel stressed? If so, join the game right away Big City Taxi Sim at a10 free games to find some relaxation with the taxi. With extremely graphic design but vivid, funny sound. I firmly believe that you will be attracted to the first time you join. This is an online 3D driving simulation game that you can fully explore in your computer and mobile browsers.

You will appear in a big city and your task in this game is that you will transform into a taxi driver and pick up guests to the destinations that guests require. But in order for you to receive your satisfaction, you need to drive the fastest and safest way to where the guests ask and you will get a refund. Note that the game has no difficulties, obstacles or limits on traffic rules. So feel free to drive at high speeds without fear of being affected.

But if you drive too fast without control the car will cause your car is crashed into surrounding buildings. Let's drive the safest and complete the missions and games given. The more visitors you bring, the less chance you will become the winner of today in the game Big City Taxi Sim at Invite your friends to join the game now to share the fun you have from the game for your friends and have fun opportunities together. You challenge yourself to participate in some other interesting driving games such as Gungame Paintball Wars and Impossible Truck Driving Game 2020

Instruction to play:

Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to interact.