Drawing Space

The cartoony and paper-like graphics must be two highlight features in this new game from  a10 for free called Drawing Space! Like its name, you will have all the space to draw and fight for yourself! You control your tiny alien ship and all of its movements. On the blank space of paper, many different asteroids and floating objects will approach the ship. If the alien ship touches any of the obstacles, it will explode, which means that you have to dodge them at all cost.

It's a drawing game with a newly developed theme, a special launch, and adorable characters. Your alien will shoot the bullets sometimes, but it takes time to wait for his preparation. You will have to stay away from any strange circles and obstacles while waiting for the gun to recharge. Once the bullets are shot, most of the asteroids surrounding him will explode, leaving more space to escape the danger zone.

The game still requires you to come up with a smart plan to pick the right position and perfect coordinate. The longer you manage to stay alive, the more scores you can earn. On the Leaderboard at..., all the best players' names will be displayed. Can yours make it on the board as one of the ones with the highest scores? If you have finished this gaming selection, keep exploring more fun adventures with newly updated games like Flappy Gull and Bounce Return

Instruction to play:

Move the alien using the mouse to launch bullets and remove the asteroids.