Five Nations

I believe that you have never had a chance to participate in a science fiction game. If so, the game Five Nations at a10 games online will give you all the fun that you have never had before. Would you like to explore right now? Transform into a spaceship and explore this vast alien space. A place extremely shimmering and magical scenery. Is fighting in this place amazing? This is a real-time science-fiction strategy game for platforms and PC Browser.

Includes tactical combat in space in real-time mixed with micromanagement of economics, construction, and manufacturing. The RTS mechanisms are customized to provide action-packed games. In this game, you can completely choose the single-player or two-player mode. Imagine you will have the opportunity to experience space with your friends is perfect. Collect useful items for you to participate in this war.

With extremely simple but stylish graphic design, vivid sound. You will be addicted from the first time you join. Challenge yourself to extremely new gameplay you've never experienced. Luck will smile if you use your wisdom to overcome challenges. Enjoy exploring and relaxing right now with the game Five Nations at …

Such a fascinating game why don't you introduce yourself to your friends and invite your friends to join right now to get the chance to circulate in space. Incredibly awesome science fiction you've never had before. What do you think if you challenge yourself to participate in a few games with similar genres like Stickman Sniper 3 and Spider Robot Warrior Robot Spider at

Instruction to play:

Use mouse to be able to move and explore in space.