Granny Horror

A big hospital with many horrors haunts you. It was horrible, it made you panic. Challenge with Granny Horror online game at Games a10 online. Surely you will like if you fit the adventure game and want to try your fear. The surprises are ahead. You will discover more horrible things. Granny Horror is a scary first-person escape game to enjoy online and free. You wake up inside a really worrying hospital full of bloody messages and nobody helps you.

There was only one person there: a killer wearing a cold-blooded mask. Your goal in each of these levels is to escape that scary place without causing any noise or being noticed by your killer. Think you can defeat your fears and fool your enemies to survive? You will win yourself with the breakthrough.

You will completely escape yourself with your bravery. Waiting for the secret. Have fun with the terrifying Granny Horror! What do you think when you set foot in a ghost hospital? That really haunts. If you have a steel spirit, approach this place. With a vivid graphic design, everything here is horrifying. The deaths and dangers enveloped the atmosphere. If you want to try something new, this is a great choice.

Do you want to know better things than usual? Invite friends to join the game online and don't forget to share the fun in this game with them. And if you love it, start with an interesting experience with some other games similar to Anime Dress Up and Pocket Anime Maker at You have horrifying and haunting times on spooky hospitals. Enjoy the fun now.

Instruction to play:

Arrow / WASD = move, Mouse = view, Space = jump, Shift = run, E = open