Mia Castle

Are you ready for this discovery yet? Mia Castle at a10 for school for kids surely you will be attracted right from the first time you join. This game is an online game that you can play for free on your mobile phone or computer. Let’s go! This is a dangerous castle by ghosts. Mia sees the squirrel kidnapped by them. Therefore, she is determined to go to the castle to rescue this squirrel.

Can you help her? When the game starts, you will have to cross each floor of the castle to be able to rescue the squirrel. Does it sound simple? But each castle has ghosts that appear to hinder you. So you have to be very gentle and skillful in each of your steps so you can not let the ghosts detect and if you are not lucky to touch them, your game will end in failure.

Try to be smart to move to the top floor of the castle so that you can have a chance to rescue him from this danger. How long can you live? It all depends on your wisdom in this discovery. If you rescue this squirrel, it will surely become the winner today. Experience more wonderful things in the game Mia Castle at https://a10games.games. Remember not to keep the fun for yourself but share with your neighbors and invite them to join the game to get the chance to experience a challenging adventure. What do you think If I join some other similar games like  Red Ball 5 and Ball Racer

Instruction to play:

Using the mouse to be able to rescue