Color Road Online

Color Road Online is a simple puzzle game with a strategy and pattern recognition based gameplay element. It brings you to a colorful adventure with a running ball. Here at a10 games for kids, its gameplay mechanics are easy to understand and designed to be played by every player of all ages. Are you confident enough to become the most skilled ball controller? This game will test and challenge your skills and reflexes as well as the ability to match colors.

How? The road has 3 lanes and each lane has a ball with a different color. You have some time to change the lane to match your ball with the one that has the same color. For example, if your ball is red, you must dash through the red one. If you crash into the blue one, you lose. You start the game with something easy but as the game processes, you may be shocked by how challenging it is.

Remember that every time you pass over a color switcher. It is designed by the upward-pointing arrows, your ball will change its color into a random one. You have to action fastly and swipe away to make sure that your ball won’t hit the different color one. The longer you play, the faster your reaction will become. This means you will get a higher score each time. You think you can play well because this game has a simple style, don’t you? It’s not a sure thing. Try out and you will be defeated many times. Have fun and don’t forget to enjoy other games such as Masha And The Bear Jigsaw and Traffic Turn Online at

Instruction to play:

Change the lane by swiping or using your mouse.