Crap Attack

Crap Attack

Date added: 07/04/2022

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There was a man, a lady, a date, and a lot of pooh. You're the miracle medication that can make everything better! Try to keep the man who swallowed you clean, and eliminate all the garbage before it's too late! No one else but you has the ability to achieve it! To clean the man's gut and save the date, you only have 5 minutes on every level. Let’s start and have fun. If you want to enjoy more games, tons of different choices await you on our site. Seek for what you like or click on Ninja Legend and Poppy Dungeons at , then enjoy it.

Game controls:

Instructions: WASD or ARROW KEYS to MOVE and JUMP SPACEBAR to HIT Gamepad: D-pad /Left analog to move A to Jump B to Attack

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