Do you want to become a leader in a helicopter driving game? It's great if you join the game at a10 kids Games you will be addictive right from the first time you join. When starting the game there will be three modes of different games appear. All three modes can be attractive, you can choose a mode to be able to participate. Then you will start with your mission, in this game you will control a helicopter and shoot other opponents.

More many of your cases also build towers and walls on the map to mark your territory. Please move the planes and fire bullets to the front position, it will show up the colored stripes to show that it is your territory. But unfortunately, your opponent also creates a territory and they can separate your territories from one another. So you use your bullets to be able to shoot at the opponent's walls to break in that territory and create your own empires.

Creating as many things as your territory is a very good thing. But take the opportunity and move quickly on your helicopter to be able to create the largest and interconnected territories. The game has 32 levels and the higher the level you will have more skills. Try to pass all the levels you will be able to improve your speed, bullet speed and many other things in the game at Invite your friends to join the game today for a chance to join an exciting and addictive game. You can join some other games such as and

Instruction to play: