Wash Your Car

Are you being bored with fashion games and cooking? You are looking for a new game and have a different play? Wash Your Car game at A10 racing will definitely make you feel excited right from the first time you join. This is an online game that you can play for free on your computer or mobile phone. What are you hesitating about? Start right now! When starting the game you will have the right to choose the car you like.

There are many models, depending on your preferences, choose what you want. The car looks extremely dusty, start for this relaxing car wash. First, take the water to remove the stains on the car. Especially in the wheel section, do it many times to keep it clean. Next, add soap and rub them evenly. Take a faucet with a powerful washing ability to clean the soap.

Finally, it is to use a towel to wipe away the remaining stains. If your tires are not clean, use a brush to clean it. Look your car is shiny and new! You have also successfully completed your mission in this game. Try washing some other cars to learn how to wash your car and relax with the game.

Don't forget to share this excitement with your friends and invite your friends to join the game Wash Your Car at https://a10games.games to get moments together and get the chance to become the luckiest player. If you love this kind of game, you can join some similar games Car Rush 2 and Farming Simulator.

Instruction to play:

You can use the mouse to play the game.