Guns And Bottles

Shooting at the bottles might sound simple, but not in Guns and Bottles at A10 games. The highlight of the game is the rotating feature that allows both the gun and the target to move. This bottle shooting game has the arcade graphics that resemble the old classic arcade game. The goal is to shoot precisely at the bottles. There will be a square frame on which the bottles are moving.

However, since the gun is also rotating on his spot, you will need to take both rotating items into account to complete the task at For each turn, you only have a limited number of bullets. Don't waste these 5 bullets because when you use them all, the game is over. Any player manages to hit 3 bottles continuously will get a combo and 5 coins extra. When you reach higher stages, beware of the moving red bottles those may cause you to lose your scores.

These red bottles move simultaneously alongside the original bottles, which makes it really difficult to tell them apart. It's the fun game that requires your precision, good aiming skills, and patience to work it out. The best of shooting games remain unchanged in this game as well so you can look out for a great playtime and experience. Are you ready to explore the huge collection of guns? We also have other good games from the same category such as Color Balls and Pick Me Up for you.

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to shoot.