Dumb Ways to Die 2

Dumb Way to Die 2 is a very interesting game to show your skills in the kind of discipline at a10 game online. Go spend a day on a huge - and incredibly dangerous - amusement park and try different games. Watch closely first, and then act fast to pass every challenge. 

The further you get, the fast it goes, so get ready for some quick thinking. Sometimes, you may even have to act a bit slower, so don’t get pushed too far by the adrenaline or you could end up slipping into a horrible death. 

It's one of the easy choices that players of all ages can pick for the relaxing and entertaining playtime. How many emojis will you be able to break down? Take up new challenging games like Moana Cute Zoo and POBA at www.a10games.games/ later! 

Instruction to play:

User the mouse to play this game