Zombie Typing

Zombie Typing is a fun and really challenging zombie-themed typing game at a10 online. Your goal is to kill as many other zoobie as possible, otherwise they will come to you and eat your brain. The twist in this cool shooting game is that need to type words to shoot your gun, so you better start increasing your finger skills. 

We can assume, the faster your type the smarter you are, so zombies will start walking faster to devour your fat, juicy brain. Just type each and every word written under the attackers and you’ll be just fine! Enjoy Zombie Typing!

This is a multiplayer game that you can explore and feel interesting in your free time. Conquer challenges for you today. Don't forget to save other new games on your list now. In addition, we also introduce players to the same fascinating game with this puzzle game like Jet Rush and Big Bird Racing at https://a10games.games/

Instruction to play: