Butterfly Kyodai HD

Get prepared to enter a wonderfully created world filled with puzzles and butterflies. Would you join the butterflies' wings to aid the needy creatures? Enjoy one of the most well-liked mahjong games in HD. Take pleasure in the lovely backdrops and the new butterfly wings. While you completely look for the same wings, take a moment to unwind. A butterfly is created when the two wings come together and flutter away gently. Take your time and enjoy every moment because all those moments are memorable. Create a more happy memory with other choices of games such as Clash Of Warriors at A10 puzzle games

Instruction to play:

 Connect the wings, but remember that they have to be no more than two right angles away from each other! If you are stuck, you can always use one of the two boosters: shuffle, which changes the order of the butterfly wings, or the magic wand, which finds one pair for you. Relax and enjoy, but be mindful of the time, as it is not without a limit!