Rainbow Friends Jetpack

Choose your Rainbow allies, then defeat a slew of monsters. Give them no opportunity to succeed! Enhance your combat abilities and vanquish enemies. Many different and thrilling levels featuring creatures and traps may be found here. Amplify your weaponry and that of your rainbow companion by earning money. Take down each monster one at a time. Collect fortunate blocks and mystery boxes to reveal new characters, get rewards, and more. Hope you have fun and make sure you discover more games on our site. To help you save time, here are some of the best choices for you Mutant Snake and Great Air Battle at https://a10games.games/

Instruction to play:

 Use your finger to control the jetpack your rainbow friend is in. Choose your favorite weapon and don't give the monsters a chance; just be careful because the monsters can catch you! Carefully! Just beware of a variety of traps that will fly to the finish line.