Jeff the Killer vs Slendrina

Jeff the Killer vs. Slendrina is the latest action game on A10 for free that is most popular today. Jeff the Killer vs. Slendrina brings together two evil and dastardly villains in an epic third person shooter battle. You can play as either Jeff the killer or the fearesome and twisted Slendrina. 

Your mission must move around the map and find different hidden objects as you play. You must battle it out against the other iconic character but also fight against the various monsters and creatures that you encounter. 

This game is chosen and relaxed by many online game players around the world in their free time. Share with your friends if they are also looking for a new game to relax in their free time. In addition, we also update new games similar to this game such as The Torture Game 2 and Family Barn at

Instruction to play:

  • WASD or arrow keys to walk around
  • F to pick-up an item/interact
  • Left shift to run
  • Left Mouse Button to Attack
  • X to prone
  • Mouse wheel to switch weapon
  • Left Ctrl to crouch
  • Space bar to jump