Santa Delivery

Guide Santa's sleigh to houses so he can deliver their gifts. Keep away from the snowmen who chase after Santa and want to slow him down. Get coins for delivering gifts and picking up coins on the board and use them to upgrade the sleigh's capabilities in the Garage. You can go to the Garage off of the main menu or by clicking the Star icon on the Game Over panel. Avoid the top part of the Christmas trees and don't let the snowmen catch Santa. Getting hearts will increase your health and lightning bolts will replenish speed burst capability. Once you max out all of the upgrades your job is done and Santa will be able to go out and deliver gifts worldwide!

Hints: It is hard to get money at the start of the game when the sleigh isn't upgraded. So once you get 100 coins it is best to upgrade speed which will makes it easier to escape from the snowmen. You can eliminate snowmen by getting them to crash into the tops of the Christmas trees.

Instruction to play:

On keyboards use the A and D keys or the left and right arrow keys to turn the sleigh right or left. Hit the space bar for a speed burst. On touch devices use the on-screen controls for speed burst and turning right and left. The green arrow points to where Santa needs to deliver the next gift and is identified by a golden orb flashing above a house.