City Ambulance Simulator

City Ambulance Simulator at a10 for free is a very interesting ambulance driving simulation game genre that has just been released. This is an addictive online game that you can completely play for free on your computer or mobile phone. When early in the game, a terrible accident happened on the road and there were people injured. So, can you drive this ambulance to the accident site and help them go to the emergency? Drive the car and control it precisely so you can get to the accident site as quickly as possible.

Try not to get your car hit the wall or objects around. Then when you have arrived, pick up the ambulance and get in the car, then drive your car to the hospital. Drive safely and carefully on the road you travel to avoid bumps and falls, which will affect the injured. Please observe and use your driving skills to be able to skillfully control the car in the best way and move the fastest to be able to rescue people in an accident. If you are unlucky to drive the car into the roadside buildings then your game will fail. How many more people can you help? It all depends on your wisdom. Let's save the injured and experience many new things that you have never had before.

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Instruction to play:

 Use the arrow keys to move.