Treasure Island

Matching games like Treasure Island from A10 puzzle games will refresh your mind with a cartoon style. The art animation plays an important role as the highlight of this game and kids of all ages have fallen in love with it. The main rule of the game is the same as other matching games. The players are required to switch the pieces, in this case, are valuable gems, with each other in order to make a line of three same gems.

After being matched, these gems of the same type will automatically vanish. In this game at, you will become a skillful pirate and use your intelligence to efficiently change the contiguous items. If you manage to make over 3 continuous items for matching, there will be extra bonuses and combos rewarded to you. Keep in mind that the tasks change depending on the level, so check the list of tasks before starting matching.

All of the level targets will be shown in the mission program on the left side of the screen. Try your best to not only survive the level but also to achieve the goal as fast as possible. Highest scores will be shown on top of the Leaderboard. Will your name make it there? Don't forget to pay attention to some strange gems and boosters scattered around the grid as the game starts. Challenge your organizing and matching skills with other puzzle games like Puzzles for Kids and Pizza Trucks Jigsawfor free!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to switch the gems and interact.