Gun Mayhem

 You will love the game as soon as you experience it. There are many new and unexpected things waiting for you in the online game Gun Mayhem. What is your mission? Do you want to do more? Interesting with the famous Smash Bros recipe, Gun Mayhem helps you jump around some platforms on a bottomless abyss.

Try to shoot your opponent out of it. If that fails, try to shoot them at least. Each level sees you equipped with reliable hunting guns and choose your favorite perks. From additional bullets to not jerk back to jump three times to more. Play alone or with a friend and have it to battle your crazy jumping and shooting opponents. Will you be able to stand victorious when they fall off the platform? Will you jump back to the ground firmly after losing your grip? In Gun, Mayhem's action is fast and angry. Smart and monstrous AI.

The fun was crazy and regretful. What are you waiting for? Stand on the plane and destroy all those with guns and aim at them. Shoot them before they kill you. You will become the best player with professional shooting skills. You need to combine many skills at once so be careful. You have a lot of opponents, so you are able to complete that task. With vivid graphic design, you should fight hard if you want to survive. Invite your friends to join the game and don't forget to share the joy with them. This is a great opportunity for you to join some other similar games Zombie Killers and Sniper Team at a10 games 2019


Instruction to play:

 Arrows = Jump / Run, [= Shoot,] = Bomb