Sniper Team

Sniper Team at a10 kids is a free sniper game in which you must destroy enemy soldiers with your team's firepower. This free sniper game will help you answer an important question about who you are. Do you panic under pressure or do you stay in danger? You will find it very interesting and interesting. You will love it the first time you play. Do you want to experience that joy? Your task is quite complicated.

Leading a group of sharp, evil people, you will have to defend your base from the invasion of the enemy. These missions are a challenge even for master snipers. Switch between your team members in real-time and make good use of your range, long-range guns, and camouflage. But all these things are of no value if you are inaccurate, efficient and focused. The mission after the mission will keep you on the edge of your chair. Can you get it? Enjoy the fun! The game requires you to use more skills. Do you want to experience more fun?

You will become the leader of a section of sharp people, preventing all evil people from taking over your territory. With vivid graphic design, you will get lost in the battle of adventure. Try to control and direct your soldiers. You will do it well. Play games with your friends and you will have fun sharing them. It's great if you join some other similar game Bullet Force and POBA at a10 free


Instruction to play:

Mouse = Aim / Shoot, Space = Zoom In / Out, Q = Switch Weapon, 1-4 = Switch Sniper, R = Reload