Super Buddy Kick

Super Buddy Kick now at A10 games 2019 is a fun entertaining game. You will find more interesting things when you join this game. Imagine you will be stressed out on a fun effigy. It just laughs and brings you joy. You will definitely find it interesting. Play now and you'll love it the first time you play. Addictive game for a lot of people. What are you waiting for? There are many surprises waiting for you right behind the door of the colorful room.

Start discovering great things! Super Buddy Kick is an exciting and addictive clicker game for those who sometimes like a bit of violence. Punch and kick off a happy effigy standing on a colorful bedroom and earn money for every time you hit it. Once you have earned enough money, you can buy weapons, like pistols, machine guns and many, many other things that will automatically shoot at your poor little victim.

Unlock all weapons and try to set the highest score possible! Have fun with Super Buddy Kick! Do you love this game? A funny clown will help you reduce a lot of pressure. You will have plenty of time to relax and feel great. You will be shown and discharged all the anger at the clown.

With vivid graphic design, the lovely clown in the room is an attractive color. Surely you will be attracted immediately when participating in this game. Invite friends to join the game and share interesting things you experience with them. Are you ready to continue to explore some other similar games Lion Hunter and Kardashians Graduation at Enjoy more unexpected challenges with Super Buddy Kick!

Instruction to play:

User the mouse to play this games