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The mighty Ghost Rider is coming back in A10 games with a whole new adventure filled with stunts and golden coins. Ghost Rider is one of the most feared fictional characters and he is famous for his flame bike. In this bike racing game, the creators spectacularly developed it for the fans of motorbike racing and Ghost Rider. Your task is to control the movement of the bike using the gas pedal and brake pedal, move through the infrastructure and gain coins.

The tough parts lie in the curve corner and the floating coins. It's not easy to gather all the coins while paying attention to obstacles, but with your amazing controlling skills, you can do it! After finish one level, the next one with more exciting challenges will unlock. Of course, the key to get through is to control the speed and direction. Your moving time and gained coins will be calculated for ranking later.

Don't worry if you find it hard to manage the bike or crash at first. Just try again and practice to master the basics. At the colorful and lively graphics will enhance your experience with a fun bike game as well. The highlight of the character is that his bike and himself will catch the flame when you speed up, which makes the game much more intense! Check out more choices such as Romantic Wedding Proposal To Elsa and Angela Real Dentist later.

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys or the mouse to control the bike.