Jet Ski Summer Fun Hidden

Jet Ski Summer Fun Hidden opens up a new world of sought-after stars. This game is easily found at when players love surfing while searching for photos of lucky stars. Each picture contains 10 stars that each player needs to discover them in 50 seconds. If after the time you have not found the correct answer in the level, the game will end and you have to start from the beginning. This is a difficult journey that any player wants to join and cannot miss the opportunity to participate.

Look closely at the dim stars that appear and hide in the picture. If you watch video tutorials of previous players, you can also guess their position. However, try to overcome this game by yourself with the skills you have learned. The joy of winning will be greater than ever. Games of A10games are excellent new games on many topics that you can fully join without being bothered by any element in your spare time.

Share your online game list with friends and they also love this new game world without being bothered by ads or game loading speed. Will the stars make it difficult for you? Complete all levels in the shortest amount of time to show off your skills. Join a lot of new games in our free time that we have updated and instructed other online game players like this game such as Rickshaw Driver and Color Jump. It’s really special and interesting when players perfect them.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to click on the stars where you find their position on the picture