Disk King

Disk King at https://a10games.games/ is a new version of a soccer game where players need to move the ball to their teammates without colliding with an opponent. Therefore, you need to determine the most accurate path of the ball without being hit by any element during this journey. Besides, share your gameplay and travel tips to overcome challenges without being bothered by ads or game loading speed during the move.

Any player has a new way to play and compete to win the level of this game. If you've passed this version of the game, share how to play to win and enjoy new gameplay. Move over your opponent and pass the ball to your teammates. Join and perfect without being disturbed during the game. A10games games expand the player's game world and help you explore new horizons.

Don't forget to expand your online gaming world right now. The challenges will be increasingly difficult and the ball's path will be narrowed. Your opponents also move constantly on the field and you must determine the safest direction of the ball to win this special game space. If the ball hits an opponent, you will have to start this game over again.

A new journey awaits you and you can hardly complete it without using gaming skills and kicking the ball into a new position. Many new and similar games are expanded by players like Battalion Commander and Zombie Killer Truck Driving. What is a special journey for you?

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to adjust the direction of the ball and release to kick the ball for your teammates and continue this game