Baby Taylor Caring Story New Hairstyle

Do you like to create new hairstyles? It's great when you join the game Baby Taylor Caring Story New Hairstyle at a10 games to play to experience. Today the baby is bored and he doesn't want to play with toys and read books. He has come up with some new hairstyle ideas. Can you help her? The first thing is that you have to wash her hair thoroughly, rinse the hair with water, and then put the shampoo in clean.

Your next task is to design a new hairstyle for your baby. First, brush your hair straight and smooth, then Tet ripples each other and creates a beautiful hairstyle. But to accomplish this task you need to have the skill and observation to be able to complete. Does the baby like this hairstyle? I believe that as long as you do it neatly and deftly, your baby will be extremely excited with this hairstyle. Your last mission That's the choice of earrings that match your hairstyle. There are many different accessories, depending on your preference, choose the best pair of earrings. Then you will take care of her pet. Take a shower and dry, then feed them and eat.

More fun the same game Baby Taylor Caring Story New Hairstyle at play free a10 game Don't forget to share this game with your friend and invite your friends to join the game for a chance to experience the design of new hairstyles. What do you think If I join some other games like Anna's First Room Design and Angela Real Dentist at  a10 best free online game

Instruction to play:

using the mouse to be able to conquer the game