Kid Maestro

When joining Kid Maestro, players will learn to play the piano with a simple method that they have never participated in other websites. This is a new game. A10games games for kids is updated with many similar games with this game. The music is learned easily. When you see stars falling on the keys, tap on them to make the song complete and you can collect the stars.

Online players who love this special game space will learn the music most prominently. From funny Christmas songs to happy birthday songs, the game has been updated for the player. Children who love the piano will not miss this game. The most simplified and easy to learn music today. If you don't have the time or money to buy a piano, help your kids learn the music and learn the notes through familiar songs in a colorful world.

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After memorizing the notes, you can play the game without observing the position of the stars. The way to learn to play the piano is so simple that any player can explore in his spare time. Share with other players similar games in your game list like Falling Flowers and Candy Monster Kid. Are you ready for a new journey?

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button or tab directly to the screen the position of the star-shaped notes to score