Wrestle Up

Wrestle Up is an exciting wrestling game for 2 players that you can play for free on A10 game for kid. Wrestle Up is a fantastic physics-based wrestling game in which you must fight in wrestling combat against a friend in awesome two-player action. 

Each player controls a big fat wrestler, both hold each other's hands and your goal is to knock your opponent against the ropes, what makes you win a round. The first one to win 5 rounds wins the match, so do your best to push and pull your rival to the borders of the ring before your wrestling dummy ends up torn apart. 

This is a fun game, and you and your friends can have a great laugh trying to out-wrestle the other! We suggest players around the world another special game that you can also spend a short time exploring like Paint Hit and Beast Warriors at https://a10games.games. Don't miss the game world with countless exciting challenges today.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 = Arrows / P 

Player 2 = WASD / T