Light It Up Online

Light It Up Online is a very interesting reflex game. You can completely participate in free play on a10 games. Control a stickman on many different parkours packed with deadly traps and gaps. Try to keep the little character jumping and sliding from platform to platform until you have lit up each and every one of them. 

Avoid touching all kinds of dangerous objects, like spinning saws, spikes and more and, whatever you do, don’t fall down. Collect all 3 stars in every level or set the highest score possible in the endless mode. That's great, what are you waiting for, but don't join Light It Up Online right now.

Not only will you enjoy both the colorful graphics but you can train your brain with this fun game. Channel your artistic side and have a blast with the endless fun here now! Come and play with some other choices like G-Switch 3 and Zombie Apocalypse: Survival WarZ later at

Instruction to play:

Arrows up / down = jump / slide