Wheely 6

Intellectual games are always attractive to many players. You will discover new challenges by using your brain to solve puzzles. Are you ready to join Wheely 6 online game at a10 games kid to show your intelligence. Play now to answer all the fun quizzes of the game. Your task is very simple. What are you waiting for? The surprises are ahead. Let's go! The guy in this game is trying to save his girlfriend from the dangers.

But he needs to answer different riddles to find out where his girlfriend is locked up. Each puzzle will help you find clues to solve the problem. The game is logical. You will find those things now. It sounds attractive, right? You will be trained for intelligence as well as how to solve many different problems. As simple as finding a car, help it through the dangerous bridge and go to where the girlfriend is locked.

Enjoy the fun now! The game has a lot of levels. How many levels will you overcome and how many points will you gain? It all depends on your ingenuity and intelligence. You try to collect 3 stars to win absolutely. Whether he can save his girlfriend or not all thanks to you. You will do this well.

With vivid graphic design, images in the game are very attractive. Challenges help players think about the brain. You will be happy to solve the puzzle. Invite friends to join the game and don't forget to share with them the fun of playing this game. This is a great opportunity for you to discover some other games like Helix Up and Cool Suv Puzzle at https://a10games.games/.

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play