Falling Flowers

Players are ready to join the latest puzzle game called Falling Flowers at https://a10games.games/. You need to move the flowers of the same color and shape with 3 or more flowers to disappear on the screen. Take advantage of the positions you have to complete this game in the best way. How many points do you score in puzzle games?

When the flowers are falling and you have not found a new position, try to position them through other positions and wait for the arrow to destroy the longest vertical line you have. Choose how to play differently if you have never participated in this game to get the best results. This is a reward that the game is for players.

Observe and move the flowers into the new location most easily today. Players who love this game strive to complete and take advantage of their free time to relax with great winning moments. A10games suggests countless puzzle games for online players around the world. Save themed games to your favorites and win without interruption. We have enabled players all over the world to join the latest games.

What are you waiting for without unlocking all the colorful flowers on this journey? Share how you play the game and get it done in your spare time. Countless new games are for you on this special journey. Get ready for today's challenges in other similar games like Candy Monster Kid and Helicopter Puzzle. Flowers of the same color are waiting for you to arrange.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to move the flowers of the same color into different positions vertically