Paradise Cube

You've probably played a lot of match-3 games. These games may be the same in terms of gameplay and game rules but differ in graphics and a few other visual elements. Of course, they also own some unique features. Follow a different path from those games, Paradise Cube combines the new elements with familiar elements to give the play the whole new experience that keeps you hooked for a long time.

So, what are the differences? Here at A10 Games free, each level in this game requires you to collect a certain number of blocks in different colors. You also need to break a group of more than 2 blocks of the same color. However, this game doesn’t require you to complete each task in a limited time or a limited number of moves but it doesn’t there is no challenge. In the game board, the block falls from the top of the screen all the time.

If you don’t quickly remove the blocks at the bottom, this game board will full quickly. And if there are more than 2 full columns, the game ends. This is also the time you have to finish each level on As you level up, the game also becomes harders as the falling speed of the blocks increase and you have to collect more blocks than previous levels.

Don’t let the blocks reach the top unless you don’t want to play anymore. Look at the bottom and pay attention to the top of the board to make sure no column touches the top yet. After finishing this one, why don’t you try out other options such as Cartoon Trucks Jigsaw and Ludo Superstar Game

Instruction to play:

Click to remove blocks.