Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter at a10 games for kid is a very exciting Zombie Fighting game that has just been released. At the beginning of the game you will appear along with a lot of levels and you will start at level 1 this is also the easiest level. Your task in this game is to use your gun to be able to kill the zombies. but to be able to destroy them is not a simple thing because they stand in difficult positions and stand on high.

So that you can kill them, it requires observation and cleverness to calculate the firing position accordingly so that it can take the least amount of bullets and cause the most injuries. More than that in front of you there are tons of obstacles, these can be barrels or rocks and other things. So you have to be smart and use your intelligence in this game to have the opportunity to become the best player of today.

If you shoot all the zombies, you will win the challenge this time and continue with the other levels. If you are not lucky enough to let Zombie shoot you, you will end the game. Don't worry I believe you will get through it all in the game Zombie Shooter at https://a10games.games/. Why not invite your friends to join the game to be able to experience a match with attractive Zombie. It would be great if you could join some other similar game genres like Funny Race 3D 2019 and Survival On Worm Planet

Instruction to play:

Using the mouse to be able to win the game.