Bombing Tactics

Whether Bomberman can dominate the map filled with bombs or not, it depends on the bombing tactics of yours. In this classical Bomberman game from a10 games, you need to adapt to the reserve game mechanics that is brand new. Like most bombing games, you need to choose the correct spots to place and activate bombs. If you manage to put them in the right spots, it's easy to destroy all the walls and enemies.

The tip to making use of the bombs is to calculate the spread of the bombs carefully. Keep moving around and pay attention to the hidden spots. There might be some extra bombs and other weapons scattered around. These items can be really helpful during the process of destroying the boxes and opening up new paths. Moreover, this game at has the two player mode to allow you and your best friend to enjoy the game at the same time.

You can control the white character while your friend controls the black one. Choose the mode at the beginning of the match and dive right into the fun game! There is no time limit, but look out for the moving enemies. The setting and layout of the map include blocky spaces and pixelated theme, which makes them resemble the classic arcade games but updated. You will not have to search elsewhere since lots of cool games like Attacking The Space Base and Road Racer are available for you right here!

Instruction to play:

Player 1 moves with arrow keys, bombs with spacebar.
Player 2 moves with WASD, bombs with Z key.