Space Quest

Welcome to an exciting and exciting space game. Start now Space Quest at a10 games online to get great things you never had before. You can completely challenge yourself to this free online game in your browsers. Have you ever driven a ship in space? If not, then the game will give you an understanding of the universe and space. In this game, you will control a ship and your task is to drive a roller coaster in space to arrive at the Little Spots and collect them.

And then go back to the green. You will then complete the level. If not, you can not collect the items required by the game, you will become a loser. But the more difficult the next level, in space not only your ship but countless obstacles can rock flying around and they appear extremely unexpected. So for you to win in this game you need to be observant and very skillful in controlling your ship.

If you hit the rocks you will have to stop the game. The later the number of obstacles more and more. So let's challenge yourself with your skills in this game Space Quest at Why don't you share an interesting game for your friends and invite your friends to join the game to get the chance to experience the train in space? If you feel interested in this game genre, you absolutely can challenge yourself and some other interesting games like Big City Taxi Sim and Gungame Paintball Wars

Instruction to play:

Use the keys WASD or the arrow keys to be able to control the ship.