Jiraikei Aesthetics

Jiraikei is a Japanese style of clothing that most modern Japanese women prefer today. A "girl-mina" on the verge of exploding is the literal translation. This style is a combination of such styles as "Gothic" and "Lolita." You'll find a mix of pink and black colors, as well as makeup that looks like tear-stained puffy eyes. Most often, black and pink colors are used in clothes; mostly, they are always neutral pastel colors. Of the hairstyles, this is usually two ponytails or loose hair. The tails are fixed with ribbons as well as hairpins.

Lipstick in all colors, but especially red, pink, and purple. often create gradients on the lips. Blush is not particularly expressive, but use light. Mono-makeup is possible. Create your own Jirai Kei style. Five levels are waiting for you: manicure, makeup, hairstyles, clothes, and accessories. Enjoy! Whenever you want to relax and free yourself from some annoying things, just visit our site and make use of every gaming moment here. Some of the best options for you are Get My Outfit and Matryoshka Maker at https://a10games.games/

Instruction to play:

 We create an unusual image in the Japanese style of Jirai Kei for the main character of the game: we do a manicure; we put makeup on our faces; we choose suitable dresses, shoes, and accessories in the wardrobe. The result can be saved as a PNG image. Control is provided by a computer mouse click or a simple touch on touch screens, depending on the gaming device.