Banana Running

Join the long run with the cute yellow banana in Banana Running! While they start the journey to collect more runners, While they start the task of collecting other runners, unfortunately, Mrs. Nanners is missing. It's your job to maintain safe by dodging the obstacles in this A10 game and find her as well. The endless path allows you to play for as long as you like without any time limit.

Your task is to move from one lane to another to avoid crashing into any items and to reach the floating bananas. Jump while necessary to catch them! You can also demonstrate some sliding skills under the obstacles which are too high to jump over. The best player is not one who can survive the longest but the one who collects the most bananas. The gameplay resembles some of the classic ones such as MMA Fighter and Dumb Ways to Die 2 where you can also take up the challenges in different running paths.

Also, not only will you get to run freely along the city streets in your quest to find Mrs. Nanners but you can train the observation skills. Keep in mind that besides the bananas, one of the most important tasks is to collect the dolls with Mrs. Nanners' name on it. These should be the criterion for score calculating later. Such fast-paced quest challenge your flexibility and adaptability, as well as the observation skills. This game is available in the collection at without any cost.

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse or tap on the screen to run.