Cat Lovescapes

CAT LOVESCAPES on is a point-and-click adventure in which YOU play the angelic Cat Cupid, whose mission it is to assist the black cat in successfully passing through Grandma's house. Our grandma owns six cats, but one is the most fluffy and precious of them all. The most precious cat is the white cat, who won the furry heart of the black cat. He needs to fight his furry friends, escape from Grandma, avoid every obstacle, explore and pass all the rooms in the house, and reach his love, the white cat. Enjoy this game and check out other games for free whenever you want on our site. Some of the best options are Fun Sea Race 3D and Ball Legs 3D at A10 free online games

Instruction to play:

 Click and drag Cats require a distraction in order for the black cat to pass easily. Use your creativity to trick them all with many entertaining point-and-click actions. If you fail to escape them, you will return to the beginning of the room. They will be your obstacle in each room; use your reflexes and outrun them all with a simple point-and-click gameplay.