New Year Party Challenge

New Year's Eve Party Test New Year's Day is genuinely a worldwide holiday, yet it is observed differently in different nations. This is one of the few festivals that is observed by all seven billion people on the planet. The princesses decided to organize a New Year's challenge, which included decorating the castle and selecting costumes in their kingdom's style. The festive tree is the principal emblem of the New Year in Eliza's realm. Sweets and pastries are placed on the table, and gifts are placed under the tree. And, of course, garlands have been strung! This year's fashion trends include glistening gold and silver dresses, as well as stars and snowflakes.

Celebrating the New Year is one of the most important and essential family customs in Chinese culture. The Chinese light fireworks and burn incense sticks on the first day of the new year in the hopes of scaring away evil spirits and driving them out of the house. Many individuals exchange congrats and buy new outfits (which must be in bright colors such as gold or crimson). These customs are followed by the Chinese princess without neglecting current fashion! Let's compare and contrast these two vacations!

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Instruction to play:

 Mouse and Finger