Jet Boi

Jet Boi at leads players to a rooftop gunfight when you join this game with a server or 2-player mode. Make a somersault to knock your opponent out of the roof while shooting the most accurate shot. This new journey has attracted a lot of online players and you will win with unique gaming skills that you have never known. Share with friends so they can join this game and make the best choice throughout the game.

Any game player loves and wants to destroy opponents to win the game. If this is your first time playing the game, follow the instructions that appear before the game starts. Keep your mana much until the time is up to defeat your opponent. This is a long fight for you to join and fight like a real hero. A10games games constantly introduce and update shooting games for online players.

Challenge your shooting skills and complete the journey after winning all the opponents. Great game space is for online players to join. Fights that have no end officially begin. Do not fall off the roof if you do not want to be deducted points for joining the fight. Go ahead and share your play today. We continually recommend to players around the world a lot of favorite games that you can hardly miss similar to this game like Kogama Escape From Prison and The Coronavirus Game. Please be available Get ready for new battles and victory now.

Instruction to play:

Use the EW to turn upside down and shoot a gun if you play a game of love, use other keys if you choose a two-player mode