Line Biker

Racing in the textbook world, have you ever had something like this? Line Bike brings you to the textbook world in which you have a ride on the line. It sounds so exciting and different, right? Here at a10 games free, the controls and game rule is not similar to the ones you have ever played. You control a miniature racer, ride on a miniature line in a miniature world. You have to come through a series of obstacle courses as you will conquer 16 levels with increasing difficulty.

Finish the current level to move the next one is your goal. On all levels are unlocked, so you can play any of them. Unlike other games, you don’t race against other racers or avoid any roadblocks, you have to deal with many loops and turns. Take advantage of those challenges to perform as many flips and stunts as possible to earn money, then you can use the money to buy new bikes in the store.

You won’t control your biker with any keys but by draw a visible line with your mouse. Hold and press to make a flip and release to stop. Watch out the green parts of the road. They will lift as you arrive. This allows you to make an awesome flip and stunt and earn extra money. The game features 16 levels full of fun, excitement, and challenges. Hope you can overcome it safely. After finishing 16 levels, let’s deal with other challenges in other games such as Highway Racing 3D and Hurdle Track Car Stunts

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play.