Galaxy Defence

Welcome to a fighting game with the brave airplane with Galaxy Defence at a10 free games. This is an addictive plane shooting game that you can play for free on your browser. Are you ready to challenge yourself to try the game yet? Don't worry I believe that as long as you have the intelligence you will surely overcome the difficulties that the game offers.

When at the beginning of the game you will appear with your small plane and your mission in this game is to use your plane to be able to destroy the big rocks that are falling on your head friend. But those stones are very big and they appear dense, and a lot. So in order for you to destroy all these big blocks, you need to have a certain intelligence.

Look ahead to avoid falling rocks and use your plane to shoot very fast into large blocks of stone to destroy them. If you are unlucky to let the block fall on your plane, your game will end in failure. Be careful in this game is a necessity. Flexible moves, each stone block requires different shots, so shoot as much as you can.

This is amazing and attractive only in the game Galaxy Defence at Remember to share the interesting things you get from the game for your friends and invite your friends to join the game right now for the best relaxation. Why don't you challenge yourself to participate in some similar genre games Amazing Strange Rope Police and Granny Horror.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to be able to win the challenge.