Crazy Frozen Lover Barbie

Barbie has just watched the famous movie Frozen and she loves it so much that she can't wait to customize some of her things to turn all of her personal items into Frozen-themed! With your amazing design and artistic talent, can you join Crazy Frozen Lover Barbie, a new A10 girl game to help her out? There are three tasks in total that you will be involving in this game.

First, help her to create a customized hat with Frozen patterns and stickers. This hat can be cute and chic with adorable stickers and bright colors, or it can be feminine with details such as frizzy fringe, cut hems, and many other pretty marks. It's up to you to come up with an overall vibe for the whole outfit before actually taking the role of designing any item. Now that she is satisfied with her hat, you need to continue with the second mission!

This will be incredibly fun as you sketch out the character Olaf of your own with your own twists and details. He will come alive to be the princess' best friend, so try to do your best with this mission! At we can't miss out on the last mission of creating a glamorous outfit for Barbie! Whether you choose a gown, a long dress, a cocktail dress or two-piece outfits, make sure that each and every item enhances the feeling that you want to emphasize on. It's fun to hang out with Barbie in other lovely games such as Elsa Long Hair Vs Short Hair Fashion and Princess Baby Ballet Performance later!

Instruction to play:

Click to choose and interact.