Princess Baby Ballet Performance

Children's Day is coming soon and Baby Cinderella and Aurora needed to complete a performance. They were selected as representatives of the Children's Day Reporting Performance in the prestigious auditorium. The performance is going to be about ballet this time, so having swift and smooth movement is one of the most crucial elements contributing to a great show.

Help the two babies practice in the backstage now! Don't worry if you haven't had any experience with ballet. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and the available shape at without any mistake. Choose the shapes one by one and form the right formation of the two. You will have to take the turn to help each girl practice. Make sure to perfect each hand movement, leg position and posture to create one of the most beautiful dance performance at A10 for kid!

After this comes the next step of choosing the outfit. Pick out the ballet outfit for both Cinderella and Aurora. Both outfits should be pretty, fit and each has its own charms. Accessories can bring the outfit up a notch but refrain from using too many since they can prevent the girls from moving freely. It's up to you to help them shine on the stage! Fans around the world will be watching them. Come to dive in more girl games such as Monster Heart Surgery and Romantic Wedding Proposal To Elsa exclusively for you!

Instruction to play:

Play with the mouse.