Strike Force Heroes 2

Do you want to become the leader of the army? You will have the right to decide on the start and end. Play Strike Force Heroes 2 online game at a10 games online You will do your job well if you try to complete all the challenges of the challenge. You will love the game the first time you play. What are you waiting for? Start right now. Strike Force Heroes 2 is back, and this time it's a war on the universe! An exciting mix of wild shooting action, tactical positioning and smart revival moments, this game is all about the thrill of shooting down some bad guys while avoiding fire the force of the enemy.

In Strike Force Heroes 2, you can coordinate an elite army warrior team against a terrorist cell in space. Use your role skillfully, aim well and blow your opponent away. You will use your intelligence to control the fighting army effectively. What is your technique? Perseverance and courage. It's time for some great free online actions again. Have fun! The game helps you practice many combat skills.

You will show leadership skills and skillful fighting techniques. How do you win? Is it too hard? Persistence. Play with friends and form an elite army. With vivid graphic design, you will get lost in the fierce battle and adventurous. Fight hard to be the leader. Share with them lots of fun! You are ready to join other games like Sniper Team and Chicken Shooter  at a10 games 2019 You have more leisure time in life.


Instruction to play:

Arrow / WASD = Move / Jump / Crouch, Mouse = Target / Shoot