Save The Girl

Discover Save The Girl online game for free on your latest journey with levels you can hardly miss. Different situations are constantly appearing in the game and the player must find the best solution. A10games puzzle games have many games with new content. Our girl is lost in the world of rooms and she's in danger. You have 2 options. Observe the situation you are facing and choose the best option.

For example, if the floor is broken, you have to use a wooden board or tile the floor to pass through. If a violent dog gets in your way, you must feed him or find another way. Choose 50 - 50 between the two answers of the game to win the level. The most difficult levels will appear and players can share how to engage with friends in their free time without being bothered by ads.

You can choose the most suitable option again if you choose wrong. With the new games at, players are ready to join this trip and help the girl escape the safest situations. This special game attracts many online players to participate in and decode situations. Win the levels and share your gaming tips to complete every challenge now.

We are constantly updating and introducing new games to players. What is the highest number of points you can achieve to top the rankings? Unlock all levels and become the best player on the new journey. You will not be able to miss the exciting moment when fighting all the different levels in the game. Some other puzzle games you can join such as Dop Draw One Part and Kid Maestro. Where will be the special space for you?

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to select the best solution for each of your journeys