Strike Force Heroes

Fighting games are always a favorite for players. Start now and game Strike Force Heroes at a10 games online In this game, a group of masked armed men took over your research station and killed your colleagues. Do your revenge for your colleagues? Your mission in this game is to take a gun and defend yourself. And escape from the quest and destruction of the enemies.

Try to defeat the enemy force and survive By All means. But to be able to do it is extremely difficult because around you are always the eyes of the enemy and They appear very dense and their weapons are also very large. So you need to equip yourself The observation and agility as quickly as possible to move skillfully and gently go through places with enemies and find yourself with weapons to be able to fight. in this intense match.

If you defeat all these enemies you will surely become the winner of today. But if you are unlucky because they destroy, do not worry you will recover and revive in a few seconds. Try to use all your abilities and your intelligence to be able to fight and become the leader of this playground. Take back your research station and become a nobody to destroy. These fascinating things are only available in games Strike Force Heroes at Sharing joy is for your friends and your friends to join the game right now to have a chance to participate in a stressful game. Why don't you join some other similar games Strike Force Heroes 2 and Sniper Team at a10 for free

Instruction to play:

 Arrows / WASD.