Monster Truck Madness

Driving games are always attractive to players because of its gameplay. Add a very new driving game just released Monster Truck Madness at This is an online game that you can play for free on your computer or mobile phone. Are you ready to start with this game? Let’s go! Good luck!

At the beginning of the game, you will appear in a very large place and only have you to experience this adventure. Your mission in this game is to control a crazy truck. Sounds easy, isn't it? But no, the path you have to move is not a normal road but it is very twisted, sudden and high.

There are many deadly pitfalls that are bombs and many other obstacles. So you need to have those skills that are observation and skillful in controlling the vehicle and responding quickly when in trouble. You also need to collect coins to bring yourself high scores. If you are unlucky to have a truck crashed then your game will end in failure.

Drive fast to feel the speed and use your wisdom, high driving skills and become a winning player. There are many different levels waiting for you to unlock. Experience more fun with Monster Truck Madness at a10 drivning online. Don't forget to share this excitement with your friends and invite your friends to join the game to get moments together and get the chance to become the luckiest player. If you love this kind of game, you can join some similar games Spongebob Quirky Turkey and Wash Your Car.

Instruction to play:

Use cursor the mouse to play.