Love Pig

Finding the Piggy's true love is not easy, especially when there are tons of obstacles waiting for him on the quest. In order for him to meet his true love as soon as possible, we need your flexibility and bravery to join this new journey at! The game has the theme of a simple arcade game with the development of a subtle main story of two little pigs.

Your job is to overcome all the pop-ups along the way such as the holes, spikes, and other dangerous and deadly items. The format and gameplay of this A10 free game resemble that of classic choices like Mario so you will get a familiar sense the moment you start playing.

As you move through the levels, pay attention to the blocks and higher barriers. Jump up to explore the place. Keep in mind that in this game, there is another important mission of collecting more gold coins. Be careful of obstruction since it can block the road path and make the main character unable to move through. Also, paying extra attention to find the bonuses and boosters will become extremely helpful as you progress further.

The trip to find the pig's lover will only get tougher due to the appearance of more enemies and obstacles. How far will you be able to reach? More adventure games like Amazing Crime Strange Stickman and Basketball Fever also guarantee the best playtime for the kids of all ages! Come to experience the journey like no other!

Instruction to play:

Move and jump using the arrow keys.